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Don & Thelma

Who we are ..

Don & Thelma have been together for past five years or so. Don was born in Brisbane Queensland and grew up on the Sunshine Coast; however, up til he met Thelma, he had spent his working life in Sydney and Canberra.

Although originally a statistician, and survey expert with ABS, Don's career focus has been almost entirely on IT networks and management, apart from part-time forays into furniture building, photography, and the odd other thing

By contrast, Thelma was born and grew up near Aberdeen in Scotland; however, her whole professional life has been as an Art teacher, and subsequently Art Department Head. Most of her career, she spent in the Middle East at an English College in Dubai. Tax free, free accommodation, 16 weeks holidays .. what's not to like?

However, the climate, lifestyle and culture of Australia (and Don) proved too much, and Thelma relocated to Australia to be with Don in 2000.

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What did we do in the period before Usana Health Sciences ..

Don spent 20 years working in very demanding and stressful IT positions, managing large networks and IT support teams, working very long hours.

Then Don & Thelma started a IT services business on the Sunshine Coast. This ended up meaning even longer hours, more stress, and additional responsibilities and work, such as marketing, advertising, quoting, invoices, accounts receivable; and additional responsibilities such as the need to pay staff.

Despite all our effort and all our experience and expertise, all we proved were all the problems of running a successful small business.

As Randy Gage says, we didn't own the business .. the business owned us! We were only working to support our staff, our clients and our suppliers .. we were working harder than ever and losing money hand over fist.

After three years relentless effort, we were still not making any money and had lost over $200,000 trying to build business and paying staff over previous three years, so we bit the bullet and sold off the services business as best we could, and focussed on other IT areas.

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Why we got involved with Usana Health Sciences ..

However, shortly after this, Don came across a flyer advertising the Usana Health Sciences business opportunity. By this stage, we realized we had to something different and had to look at other options if we wanted to lead a comfortable life.

So despite some scepticism, Don called the number provided, and as they say .. the rest is history!

The more we found out about Usana Health Sciences, the business opportunity and the health risks, the more convinced we were about the opportunity and benefits that Usana Health Sciences offered us for our future and our health.

In particular, we were very impressed with, not just the unlimited income through profit sharing Usana Health Sciences offered, but the fairness and equity that was built into the profit-sharing plan.

We were also interested to discover that one of the big benefits as we hadn't expected or considered were the personal growth benefits and possibilities we discovered as we researched the various related health and personal growth aspects of Usana Health Sciences, that

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Where we are ..

We are based in Albany Forest, on Brisbane's north side in Queensland, Australia.

We have worked as a home-based business for the past two years and have converted parts of our home into offices.

Previous years of seven day a week work reduced our social life and time for relaxation to almost nil. Now, with Usana Health Sciences and the on-going changes that being involved in Usana Health Sciences bring about, we are expanding our circle of friends, and approaching life differently.

On a more personal note, you need to know that our cat Bandit runs the household. Bandit of course is convinced he is a person and insists on being treated as such.

And, due to some pond fish we inherited when we moved into the first house we were in when we moved to the Sunshine Coast, we have become very interested in ponds and pond fish, and every time we have moved since, the pond gets bigger. Presently it is the size of a small swimming pool with about 12,000l. For those interested, we have various goldfish, various shubunkin, lots of swordtails, different varieties of rainbows, mollies, and catfish. Sitting out by the pond, after a day's work with a glass of wine is pretty hard to top (if only our biggest and most beautiful shubunkins didn't keep disappearing).

Kindest regards

Don & Thelma

It's your freedom.

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